TEP Commercial Energy Solutions

TEP’s EasySave program (formerly known as the Small Business program) encourages small business customers and K-12 schools to take advantage of reduced pricing on high-efficiency lighting, HVAC and refrigeration upgrades by working with an approved installation contractor.

The process is web-based to make it easier for the customer and contractor to participate. All rebates are paid directly to the contractor, which lowers the customer’s out-of-pocket expense.

TEP’s EasySave Plus program (formerly known as the Large Business program) offers cash rebates to offset the initial costs of making energy-efficient upgrades to lighting and controls, air conditioning and heat pump equipment, motors and motor drives, and compressed air and refrigeration units.

Customers also can propose innovative energy efficiency solutions through custom measures and use their own installers.

The best time to install energy-saving measures is during construction. This program offers rebates to help commercial building owners and developers incorporate energy efficiency into their designs for new construction and major renovations.

Cash rebates are available to customers who use an approved energy simulation program to evaluate and predict a building’s energy costs. Participants have the opportunity to collaborate with energy-efficiency experts from a project’s start to finish and can qualify for rebates to help offset initial costs.