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The EasySave program (formerly known as the Small Business program) is designed to encourage small commercial customers on TEP's Rate 10 schedule and K-12 schools to upgrade existing equipment to more energy efficient equipment.

  • Rebates are available for energy efficient upgrades on lighting, refrigeration, controls, and HVAC.

  • These rebates are intended to help offset a significant portion of the up-front costs associated with installing new energy efficient equipment.

  • Contractors will provide installation services and apply for the rebates on the customer's behalf.

  • The EasySave Program's rebates will significantly shorten the payback period for energy efficient projects. In order to make this program more attractive to busy customers, it is contractor based.


Small businesses can typically save as much money and prevent as much pollution, per square foot, as large organizations (Source: EPA). In the past, it has been very difficult to get small businesses to participate in energy efficiency upgrade programs for various reasons. Because of the potential savings in the vast small business market, this program has been designed to greatly simplify the choice of making energy efficiency upgrades. We encourage small business customers to get involved in this program early, because funding is limited and available only on a first-come, first-served basis.


Review the Program Process to get started. View the list of Program Approved Contractor. Read the Policies and Procedures for details on Program eligibility and other Program rules. Determine what equipment qualifies for rebates from the Specifications page.

DNV GL Energy Services USA Inc. is implementing these Programs on behalf of Tucson Electric Power. These rebate program are paid for by Tucson Electric Power customers and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission.