EasySave Plus Application

This program offers rebates to business customers to reduce the initial cost of purchasing more-efficient equipment including lighting, HVAC, motors and more. Customers can choose from either a prescriptive list of measures with set incentives or submit a custom worksheet with incentives based on kWh savings.

Application Process

  1. Submit the following pre-application documents provided below:
  2. Receive notice of reservation of funds
  3. Install equipment
  4. Submit the following final application documents provided below:
  5. Receive rebate approximately 4-6 weeks after submitting completed application

Rebate Application 

Contains option for both Pre-Notification and Final Application. Updated Feb 2022

Prescriptive Measure Worksheets

Compressed Air 

For projects with VSD air compressors or zero loss condensate drains. Updated 2/14/2020

Energy Management Systems (EMS) 

For projects with HVAC energy management systems. Updated 4/28/2020

Exhaust Systems 

For projects with commercial kitchen demand control ventilation or high efficiency low flow fume hoods. Updated 2/14/2020


For projects with HVAC cooling, controls, heat pump water heaters, window film and shade screens. Updated 2/14/2020


For projects with lighting controls, HIDs, some LED lights, exit signs, delamping, induction, cold cathodes, pulse start metal halides and traffic lights. Updated 4/28/2020


For premium motors, green motor rewinds, and variable frequency drives. Updated 2/14/2020

Power Management 

For projects with computer software power management systems and smart power strips. Updated 2/14/2020


For projects with refrigeration lighting, high efficiency motors, condensers, compressors. Updated 2/14/2020

System Test Repair 

For projects with Advanced Diagnostic Tune Up, Economizer Repair, and Duct Test and Repair. Note: this Measure requires a contractor with specific training, certifications, and testing equipment. Please email or call us at 866-324-5506 for more info. 

Custom Measure Worksheets

Custom Lighting Worksheet 1 

For projects with a Wattage Reduction and no change in operating schedule. Updated 4/28/2020

Custom Lighting Worksheet 2 

For projects with a Wattage Reduction and a change in schedule. Updated 4/28/2020

General Custom Worksheet 

For projects that do not fit into the other custom worksheets

Room Count

Please download and use this room count for your lighting application submissions.

Only TEP customers on these commercial pricing plans are eligible to participate in this program:

DescriptionRate Code
Small General Service BasicTGSGS
Small General Service Peak DemandTGSGSD
Small General Service Time-of-UseTGSGST
Small General Service Demand Time-of-UseTGSGSDT
Medium General ServiceTGMGS
Medium General Service TransitionTGMGSC
Medium General Service Time-of-UseTGMGST
Medium General Service Time-of-Use TransitionTGMGSCT
Large General ServiceTGLGS
Large General Service Time-of-UseTGLGST
Large Power Service Time-of-UseTILPST
Large Power Service Time-of-Use High VoltageTILPSTHV
Traffic Signal and Street Lighting ServiceTPTSL
Water Pumping ServiceTGGSWP

Energy-efficient equipment purchased, work contracted, and work completed prior to the program start date are not eligible for incentives.

Incentives are capped at up to 50 percent of the incremental cost per prescriptive measure and up to 50 percent of the incremental cost on custom measures. The incremental cost is the difference between the cost of installing a high-efficiency piece of equipment and lower-cost standard equipment.

Due to revisions to the 2022 Commercial Energy Solutions program, previous program applications and worksheets are no longer valid. Please download the updated application and supporting materials and submit them for your 2022 projects.

Please refer to the Policies & Procedures document for a full description of program rules and guidelines.

Funds are not reserved until you receive a funding reservation notification.

For a limited time, we are offering a stipend up to $5,000 for completed projects and new applications.
These assessments help our customers identify energy-saving opportunities and potential rebates for qualifying businesses, schools, and nonprofit organizations.
EasySave Plus
Application Checklist

Application Checklist

A simple checklist is provided to help you through the process and to ensure the information is complete before you submit.