Prescriptive Measure Worksheets

Compressed Air 

For projects with VSD air compressors or zero loss condensate drains. Updated 2/14/2020

Energy Management Systems (EMS) 

For projects with HVAC energy management systems. Updated 4/28/2020

Exhaust Systems 

For projects with commercial kitchen demand control ventilation or high efficiency low flow fume hoods. Updated 2/14/2020


For projects with HVAC cooling, controls, heat pump water heaters, window film and shade screens. Updated 2/14/2020


For projects with lighting controls, HIDs, some LED lights, exit signs, delamping, induction, cold cathodes, pulse start metal halides and traffic lights. Updated 4/28/2020


For premium motors, green motor rewinds, and variable frequency drives. Updated 2/14/2020

Power Management 

For projects with computer software power management systems and smart power strips. Updated 2/14/2020


For projects with refrigeration lighting, high efficiency motors, condensers, compressors. Updated 2/14/2020

System Test Repair 

For projects with Advanced Diagnostic Tune Up, Economizer Repair, and Duct Test and Repair. Note: this Measure requires a contractor with specific training, certifications, and testing equipment. Please email or call us at 866-324-5506 for more info. 

Custom Measure Worksheets

Custom Lighting Worksheet 1 

For projects with a Wattage Reduction and no change in operating schedule. Updated 4/28/2020

Custom Lighting Worksheet 2 

For projects with a Wattage Reduction and a change in schedule. Updated 4/28/2020

General Custom Worksheet 

For projects that do not fit into the other custom worksheets