Program Process

EasySave Program Process

The TEP Commercial Energy Solutions team has simplified and streamlined the process for qualifying small businesses and K-12 school customers to participate in the EasySave program. 

Process Overview

  1. Select a contractor from our list of EasySave Trade Allies.
  2. The selected contractor will provide a Program Overview and Facility Survey.
  3. Project Cost Proposal and Upgrade Recommendations are provided to the customer.
  4. The Project Cost Proposal is signed and submitted to the Commercial Energy Solutions Team, which confirms the customer’s and project’s eligibility for incentives.
  5. Pre-Installation Inspection is conducted.
  6. Installation of energy efficient equipment begins.
  7. Post-Installation Inspection is conducted to verify the installation meets project specifications.
  8. Final project approval is received.
  9. Incentive payment is sent to the contractor, and the customer pays the balance of the project cost.


In order to be eligible, TEP commercial customers must be on one of the following pricing plans:

  • Small General Service Basic (TGSGS)
  • Small General Service Time-of-Use (TGSGST)
  • Small General Service Peak Demand (TGSGSD)
  • Small General Service Demand Time-of-Use (TGSGSDT)
  • All K-12 schools on commercial electric plans are eligible

For customers with multiple facilities, all of the facilities must be on the plans listed above for any of them to qualify.

Please refer to the Equipment Specifications page for details about equipment that is eligible for incentives.

Trade Allies

EasySave Trade Allies

Select a contractor from our list of EasySave Trade Allies:
These assessments help our customers identify energy-saving opportunities and potential rebates for qualifying businesses, schools, and nonprofit organizations.