Small Business Appreciation Voucher

Small Business Appreciation Voucher

Small Business Appreciation Voucher

For a limited time, the TEP Fast Checkout program has a special offer in support of energy efficiency goals for small businesses. To show our appreciation, we are providing a voucher for $50 that you can use toward the purchase of energy efficient lighting at an approved vendor through our Fast Checkout program. There is a minimum order of $250, subject to terms and conditions below.

The TEP Fast Checkout program makes it easy for commercial electric customers to get rebates on energy-efficient lighting equipment. It’s instant: Rebates are given at the point of sale without going through the traditional rebate process. Your voucher credit is given in addition to the rebates already offered through the program.

Voucher expires 12/2/2022

Terms and Conditions

  1. Customer must be a commercial account on a Small General Service rate plan. Your plan classification can be found in the top portion of your bill. Small business rate plans start with “TGSGS”.

  2. You must visit a participating vendor to claim your voucher and purchase LED lighting within a qualified category. The list of vendors and LED categories can be found at the bottom on the Fast Checkout webpage.

  3. The Policies and Procedures of the Fast Checkout program apply.

  4. There is a minimum order of $250. This amount is the total invoice quantity before rebate and voucher credit is applied. Please note that the voucher amount is in addition to the Fast Checkout instant rebate.

  5. The lighting products must be installed at the address with the qualifying small business rate within 30 days.
  6. Only one voucher can be used per small business customer address.

  7. The terms and voucher value are subject to change.

If you have any questions regarding this offer, please send an email to