Trade Affiliate Program

TEP Trade Affiliate Program

TEP Trade Affiliates support and assist qualified large commercial and industrial customers with their energy efficiency upgrades to help them qualify for rebate incentives offered through our EasySave Plus and New Construction programs. The programs are administered by DNV Energy Services, Inc.


Many times, commercial customers need to rely on reputable experts to design and plan their project or specify products. They also need assistance with the application process to secure funds through our EasySave Plus and New Construction programs. These programs are open to commercial customers on select rate plans.

TEP invites third-party rebate administrators, contractors, vendors of products and services, engineers, architects and other industry professionals to become a TEP Trade Affiliate.

Approved Trade Affiliates are included on our resource list, which helps drive customers to your company for the services and products they need. Companies licensed by the State of Arizona also may serve as the installing contractor for these projects.

TEP provides training on our incentive programs and the application process to support these commercial customers, who may also utilize your company’s products or services.

Trade Affiliates are different from Trade Allies, which are approved contractors that install energy efficiency upgrades for schools and smaller businesses participating in our EasySave program.

Become a Trade Affiliate

Getting started is easy.

  1. Complete, sign and return the application. Scan and email your application and the requested documents to DNV at Please note that information provided in the “Company Information” section of the application will be used as your Trade Affiliate listing. We will verify your information and contact your references. You’ll be notified within 10 business days if you’ve been approved.
  2. Complete a short training session. Training consists of an overview of our EasySave Plus and New Construction programs, the application process, rebate levels and program requirements. DNV will contact you to schedule a training date.

Once you’ve completed training, your company may begin assisting commercial customers with their energy efficiency applications and projects for our commercial incentive programs.

If you have questions or need more information, please email DNV at or call 866-324-5506.

Approved Trade Affiliates

Download a list of program-approved Trade Affiliates organized by service and technology.